PRESS RELEASE - September 15th 2021:

Danish startup launches the world's greenest cloud solution

The Internet emits just as much CO2 as the world's air traffic. Start-up IT company Grøn Sky will offer data storage in a way that reduces CO2 emissions by 90 percent. The first step in the launch of Grøn Sky is a crowdfunding campaign.
From left Pierre Bennorth, Morten Nilsson, Flemming Andersen og Allan Windekilde"

The Danish startup company Grøn Sky (green cloud) is now launching the world’s most climate-friendly cloud solution for storing photos, films and other data. Running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Grøn Sky will offer to store data in a way that reduces CO2 emissions by 90 percent. Grøn Sky is a member of Oracle for Startups, Oracle’s program to support startups across the globe.

“Everyone talks about how much it burdens the climate to fly and eat beef, but few are aware of how much CO2 is emitted from the Internet. The CO2 emissions from the internet's electricity consumption are actually as large as the CO2 emissions that come from all over the world's air traffic. Therefore, we have looked at how to store data, and we have come to the conclusion that data can be stored significantly more climate-friendly than it is today via known solutions such as iCloud,” says Pierre Bennorth, CEO and founder of Grøn Sky.

Climate-friendly long-term storage

The green cloud solution from Grøn Sky means that you divide files into two groups: Files you want immediate access to, and files that can be stored in long-term storage. ​​Grøn Sky automatically suggests which files should be moved to long-term storage, based on when you last accessed them. It works just like when you put food in the freezer for later use. If you need the files stored in long-term storage, you can access them within a few hours.

“Most of us have photos, movies, old school assignments, recipes and other things that we would rather not delete because we might want to find them again at some point. But we do not need to access everything in a split second. While we at Grøn Sky worked on developing our cloud solution, we found that 80 percent of the files we had saved ourselves had not been in use for more than a year,” says Pierre Bennorth.

Top quality and safety

With the cloud solution from Grøn Sky, data in long-term storage is stored “offline”. This reduces the climate impact by 90 percent. At the same time, Grøn Sky is cheaper than many well-known cloud solutions. Grøn Sky runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which delivers servers of the highest quality and where data security is top priority.

“Helping our climate and driving sustainability are critical for our future, and startups like Grøn Sky are at the forefront pushing innovation forward,” said Jason Williamson, VP and Global Head, Oracle for Startups and Oracle for Research. “We’re proud to be partnering with startups like Grøn Sky with our Oracle for Startups program, and powering their solutions with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.”

With Grøn Sky, you choose which data you should be able to access immediately and which should be stored in long-term storage. The more you store in long-term storage, the more you reduce your CO2 footprint, while saving money. You are not limited by inflexible package offers, and with the help of Grøn Sky's CO2 calculator you can always keep track of how much you reduce the load on the climate by saving in the long-term storage rather than the immediate storage.

Crowdfunding campaign

Grøn Sky has just started a crowdfunding campaign on the platform Indiegogo, which is known for especially tech projects. The purpose of the campaign is to validate the demand for a green cloud and to raise money to be able to develop a Grøn Sky app for mobile, so that the user experience will be even better. As part of the campaign, consumers can pre-purchase one year's consumption of Grøn Sky at a hefty discount as well as secure a permanent discount, which is only available to those who support the campaign.

- In the coming years we will see a green internet revolution. Grøn Sky will be a part of it. Our goal is to save the climate annually for CO2 emissions, which corresponds to at least 1,000 flights between Copenhagen and New York, says Pierre Bennorth.