Did you know that CO2 emissions from the internet equal the emissions from all air traffic in the world? (Source: Lean ICT Report, The Shift Project, 2019)

Renewable energy sources vary from region to region, which affects the CO2 emission from energy production.

In the USA 1 kilo Watt emits 1.54 lb/0.7 kg CO2 per hour. EPA - Calculator

In EU 1 kilo Watt emits 0.66 lb/0.3 kg CO2 per hour. RenSMART - Calculator

Calculate and offset your CO2 emissions! myclimate - Calculator

Our CO2 calculator is based on a formula where 1 Tb of data stored on a server consumes 11.3 Watt per hour. The carbon footprint of distributed cloud storage

Oracle's 2025 Renewable Energy Goal. Press Release from Oracle

Grøn Sky and CO2 Neutral Website. Our CO2 Neutral Website Certificate

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